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Established on 2010, Big Owner is a company that focus on supplying safety equipment based in Medan, Indonesia.
Within the tagline 'Safety For Lifestyle', we do our best to provide a safety-working lifestyle for all company in Indonesia.
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Established on 2010,  Big Owner is a company focusing on supplying safety equipment related industry in Medan as UD. Surya Nusantara, with a long experience at technical equipment to some major industry like mining, petrochemical, oil & gas, construction, aviation, manufacture, logistic & cargo otomotive, civil engineering, agriculture, estate/forests, real-estate. hotel/hospitality management for Sumatera region. 

At years of 2014, our company achieved authorised licensed for BATA INDUSTRIALS and SAFETY JOGGER products for North Sumatra region. Furthermore, we also sell other safety equipment in segment of head protection, eye protection, hand protection, respiratory & face protection, hearing protection, fall protection, protective apparels, traffic equipment and safety footwear.  

Our goal is to be Leading & one stop safety equipment company which delivered not only the best on price and quality, but also to deliver a safer working method through a continuable consultation and cooperation between us and the client, creating a safe and efficient working life will give benefit to both is, client and the workers. Based on that perspective we keep developing our service and communication methods, research & our quality control. 

With the tagline Safety For Lifestyle , we are welcoming our clients or the new one to have a consultation to increase a safety working lifestyle.

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